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Gwendoline's "Most Grateful" Inclinations

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

My Most Grateful Inclinations

There is no doubt that this has been the worst year of my life it’s been encompassed by so much illness, grief, suffering and tragedy. Forgive me for sounding so glum but it is what it is. I wont harp on about it but I will be glad to see the end of it!

Having said that tho’ I was sitting in the garden enjoying the early morning sunshine and contemplating my navel .. no not really, I was watching the different species of birds and noticing that I had little gangs and pairs of them. Some liked to hang out and eat with each other and some clearly didn’t and it wasn’t dependent on their species either. A hard one to fathom. But I got to thinking that I was grateful to them and loved to observe them every day.So then I thought of something else and then another thing I was actually “most grateful” for so I hung up my coat of glumness and started jotting them down and here they areIn no particular order;

I am most grateful for the wonder of nature that surrounds and grounds me.

I am most grateful for all lessons that I have learned that have brought me to who I am today.

I am most grateful for books. A book is rarely just a book and the right book can reveal such powerful meaning and allow such blissful escapism.

I am most grateful for the many chapters in my life that have brought me wisdom, joy and foolishness.

I am most grateful for connecting to the journey of mankind and am mystified by what, if anything comes next.

I am most grateful for my heart, although it knows of great heartache it is also familiar with great love and its many forms.

I am most grateful for a working life that has brought me amongst other things satisfaction, growth and values.

I am most grateful for all of my relationships even though some brought me fear, misery, physical and mental harm and loneliness …They also brought me to where I am today which is an independent loving person with skills and abilities to adapt and see the many facets of a situation and all that is perfectly imperfect.

I am most grateful for the journey, joy, experience and romance of travelling through many countries and storing away so many memories.

I am most grateful for love that transcends death, with a love that is everlasting.

I am most grateful for the all encompassing love of my parents that gave me the ability to spring into this world, experience it and know the safety of home.

I am most grateful for my family and the bond that we share that keeps me strong in this world.

I am most grateful for the ability to engage my mind in exciting concepts, create stories and expand in deeper meaning.

I am most grateful for the times that I can exercise good judgement, patience, compassion, love, acceptance and my ability to apologise and ask for forgiveness when I can’t.

I am most grateful and humble to be of service to my clients and students alike.

I am most grateful to be in a position to share information which can educate and inspire others and that knowing this sometimes leads to healing is inspiring.

I am most grateful for special friends who always stay by my side, help me out in my time of need, make me laugh and allow me to do the same for them.

I am most grateful for you and for whatever it is that brings you here reading my meandering, I thank you.

I am most grateful every day for a pussycat that wandered into my garden skinny, starving and either lost or abandoned. Here she is today .. “Puss Puss” literally this morning and on one of her royal rugs, of which she has several because the two mad people that she commands run around putting them wherever she likes to sit.

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